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Creative Japanese style kaiseki cuisine with delicious appetizer "Hakka"

  • Chicken chefs sit at their specialty

    Chief Chef carefully selected dinner meal "Takumi Premium".
    We will hospitality materials of various seasons by season with delicate sensibility and skill of craftsmanship.
    • Gratitude Planning Akitaki "Takumi Premium"


      Shikisai"Sashimi - Akitanishiki Beef Ice Equipment", Shikisai"Hakka", Akitanishiki Beef fillet pottery grilling, Akitanishiki Beef crab coloring vegetables etc.
  • Various seasonal ingredients for each season you enjoy at the hearth end

    Taste the taste of Akita with that taste

    We will hospitality with delicate sensibility and craftsmanship.

    Please enjoy the creative kaiseki dish boasting of its pride.
    • Eating with the ingredients of the four seasons "Turret Baked"

      Cooking example

      Grilled seafood (shrimps, crayon etc), skewers (river fish such as ayu and rock fish, rainbow pig from Tazawako Lake, Akitanishiki Beef etc.)
  • Creative cuisine in cooking-oriented inn

    Chief Chefs Recommended Xie Long Planning Kaiseki cuisine "Takumi Original".
    If you are looking for meal satisfaction please try this.
    • Gratitude Planning Akitaki "Takumi Original"


      Akita Tankaku Beef's baked shabu-shabu, steamed bream of sea bream, kalasmi pro mangier etc.
  • ~ Oshuku Onsen Torafugu ~, "Tessa (Fugu Sashimi)"

       2 people(90g)/4,800 yen tax not included, 4 people(180g)/9,600 yen tax not included, 6 people(270g)/14,400 yen tax not included, 8 people(360g)/19,200 yen tax not included
       ※ Application is accepted until 17:00 on the day.
    • Tessa is chosen from (2 servings · 4 servings · 6 servings · 8 servings)

  • ~ Yodojuku Oshuku Onsen Torafugu ~, "Fuguri"

       ※ Application is accepted until 17:00 on the day.
    • Perfectly, 2 people

      4,000 yen tax excluded
  • ~Oshuku Onsen Torafu~, "Umami-rich fried chicken"

       ※ Application is accepted until 17:00 on the day.
    • Recommended around the bones!

      1 part(75g)/1,500 yen tax not included
  • ~Oshuku Onsen Torafu~, "Hinshu"

       ※ Application is accepted until 17:00 on the day.
    • A fragrant liquor that boosts your appetite

      1 person / 800 yen tax not included
  • ◆Good red meat features

    It was once a walking "salt road" which carries salt and iron which is a special product of the Sanriku region and carries it inland
    It was a southern cow that was raised in this province.It was born as a meat grade inheriting that lineage
    This is "Japan short bull" species.

    Characteristics of short-length cattle were low in fat content, and contained a lot of glutamic acid and inosinic acid of umami ingredients
    It is good red meat.It grows up in harsh environments and is strong and resistant to disease.
    • Short-beef cow's pottery grill

      Solo Traveler, 2,700 yen Tax included
      Period available:
      We will receive your order until 17 o'clock on that day.