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Information on traffic

Access to the hotel

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Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Bekkan Shikisai


73-40 Shimotakano, Obonai, Tazawako, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Tazawako Station, 24 minutes by UgoKotsu Route Bus to the UgoKotsu Route Bus (Get off at the Kyuyouson Center Mae 3 minutes on foot)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Advance inquiries necessary until the previous day.
Tazawako Station pick up, 15: 40 · 16: 10 · 17: 40
Please use the regular transfer bus from Tazawako Station, 7:40, 8: 40, 9: 40 from the hotel.

Information on traffic

  • When coming by car

    Tohoku Expressway, Morioka IC 1 hour from National Route 46 Morioka IC via National Route 46
  • When coming by train

    Tokyo, -, Tazawako Lake(Akita Shinkansen (bullet Train) 2 hours 57 minutes)

    Sendai, -, Tazawako Lake(Akita Shinkansen (bullet Train) 1 hour 16 minutes)

    Akita, -, Tazawako Lake(Akita Shinkansen (bullet Train) 58 minutes)

    25 minutes from Tazawako Station to Nyuto Onsen (Get off at the Kyuyouson Center Mae 3 minutes on foot)

    Taxi from Tazawako Station / 15 minutes
  • By airplane

    1 hour 30 minutes by bus from Akita Airport

    Hanamaki Airport, take 1 hour via Morioka (Shinkansen) or Tazawako Lake (Tazawako-Line).

    15 minutes by taxi to the hotel from Tazawako Lake

    ◆It also runs free shuttle bus between Tazawako Station ~ Shikisai

    【Departing from Tazawako Station】15: 40, 16: 10, 17: 40

    Please use when coming by JR etc.
  • Free Pick-up Bus

    A free shuttle bus is available from "Tazawako Station".

    ◆Pick up flights(Departing from Tazawako Station), 15:40/16:10/17:40
    ◆Flights sent(From the hotel), 7:40/8:40/9:40
    ※The pick-up flight is limited to the winter ski season, and it is also from 12:10.

    For reservation, "I will receive it until 17 o'clock the day before the use day".

    We are sorry for the inconvenience as we can not accept it except at the above time or on the day's application.
    Shuttle buses are also available to our sister building "Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso / Komagatake Grand Hotel" customers.