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Company Profile

From the hotel in Aomori Prefecture overlooking Nobeyama Bay, to the famous hot spring in Tohoku and Naruko Onsen in Miyagi
Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso group can help you travel in Tohoku.

Company Profile

company name, Akita Kyoei Tourism Corporation
CEO, Yasumoto, Loyalty
location, 〒 01 - 1201, Akita Prefecture Semboku City Life Insurance character Mt Komagatake 2-32
phone, 0187-46-2131
Capital, 50 million yen
number of employees,  230 people(※ As of April 1, Heisei 20)
Business contents,  Hotel·Ryokan business


Showa 58 Jun., Company formation

December 1988, White Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Practice (Present, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, East Wing)

Showa 61 November, White Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Extension (Present, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, West Building)

Heisei November, 1990, White Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Extension (Present, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Main Building)
         ※Hotel name changed to Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso

August 1994, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Extension (Present, Convention Hall)

October 1998, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Extension (Present, Yasuragi-kan)

Heisei 13, Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso Annex Shikisai, open (Akita / Mizusawa Hot Springs)

July 2009, Hime-no-yu, open(Akita / Yuze Onsen)

September 2010, Gin-no-Sho, open(Miyagi / Naruko Onsen)

September Heisei 24, Komagatake Grand Hotel Open (Akita / Tazawako Plateau Hot Springs)

Heisei Makado Kanko Hotel Open in January, Heisei 20 (Aomori / Makado Onsen)