Ski plan held at Tazawako Ski Resort! Check out this winter girls' trip / family plan!

【Official】Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso Bekkan Shikisai

Appearance like Western-style restaurant, Adult space, Gourmet inquiry, Colorful dishes of the four seasons

Tazawako Kogen, Akita Prefecture Mizusawa Onsen Town, Tazawako Kogen, Akita Prefecture, Tazawako Kogen, Akita Prefecture, this facility is a milky white sulfur spring and a simple hydrogen sulfide spring that can be used to enjoy a sinking bath. In addition, the building combined elements of Japanese and Western
It has become very popular with adults and women because it is made of wooden nostalgic atmosphere.

Although it is a calm accommodation in a one-story building, the original creative cuisine, which is unparalleled in neighboring inns, shakes the taste of everyone visited, there are not a few guests who wish to cook for the purpose of cooking " We are located.The sightseeing spots are also starting at Tazawako Lake, good access to Kakunodate · Morioka and in the winter it is also a place close to "Tazawako Ski Resort" so it is the best accommodation for those enjoying winter sports. I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

2019-2020, Winter special plan

  • Stay at 3 hotels \ 22,000 yen tax not included per person!

    Special plan for this winter only!
    Please enjoy three hotels "Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Komagatake Grand Hotel, Sanrokuso Bekkan Shikisai".
    "Set accommodation plan" that can be used for consecutive stays!

    \ 32,000 yen per person for 3 consecutive nights/
      【※Reservations can be made by phone】

    Please enjoy Tazawako Plateau hot spring and chief chef's multi-course meal.
    Please enjoy as much as you want.

Recommended information of the season

  • Only this season! Must-see if you live in Tohoku!

    As the name suggests, if you are applying for "Tohoku residents"
    No matter where you are living with you!

    \ Fufu thin·Fugu dust·Puffer fish risotto·Hirinka·Fried chicken/

    Enjoy the full course of Torafugu
    Please try only of the "six Tohoku prefectures split"Tohoku

  • All-you-can-drink Included! Winter banquet plan

    We started a winter banquet plan until March 2020!
    How about a year-end party / new year party?
    Available for 120 people with 120 minutes all-you-can-drink from 13,000 yen per room (excluding tax).
    Oshuku Onsen sake and fugu no nigiri sushi using hot springs and rafugu directly from Oshuku Onsen,
    Please enjoy with seasonal creative kaiseki cuisine.
  • Delicacies in Winter&Tazawako Plateau couple Stay

    In Tazawako Plateau, a snowy field shining in white
    Enjoy a relaxing hot spring trip with only two people!

    ○Enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the Tazawako Ski Resort!
    ○Relax in a hot spring rich in natural moisturizing ingredients!
    ○Savor the hot springs directly from the farms in Iwate Prefecture!

    Sister building `` Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso·Komagatake Grand Hotel
    The drop-in hot water is guided with pick-up.

    Tazawako Plateau Hot Springs"Travel and Relaxing Trip!"

Tazawako ski resort lift ticket◇Advantageous ski trip plan!

  • After skiing, sweat in the hot springs!

    Speaking of winter, snow sports!
    Enjoy skiing and snowboarding with family, lovers and friends!
    Enjoy a wide range of children from snow play to advanced ski and snowboarders.
    We have prepared a plan with a lift ticket for “Tazawako ski resort”!

    After having a great time, enjoy the Original Japanese style kaiseki meal our passion,
    It was warm to the hot springs to the core!
    Would you like to make fun memories of winter?

Introduction of facilities

  • ◆Lobby / Front Desk

    A lobby with a sense of openness in the colonnade.We will meet you at the entrance of western style atmosphere.
  • ◆Restaurant "Marsel"

    Meal venue on the second floor.Breakfast with colorful set meal with bright sunshine.
    In the evening it is a Western-style restaurant with an adult atmosphere.
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Information on traffic

Google Map

Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso, Bekkan Shikisai


73-40 Shimotakano, Obonai, Tazawako, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Tazawako Station, 24 minutes by UgoKotsu Route Bus to the UgoKotsu Route Bus (Get off at the Kyuyouson Center Mae 3 minutes on foot)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Advance inquiries necessary until the previous day.
Tazawako Station pick up, 15: 40 · 16: 10 · 17: 40
Please use the regular transfer bus from Tazawako Station, 7:40, 8: 40, 9: 40 from the hotel.
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Recommended information

  • To heart-healing nature 'Mt Komagatake'

    Climbing season arrived!

    At this facility located at the foot of the treasure trove of Akita prefecture's famous mountain- Alpine plants"Mt Akita Komagatake"

    Please enjoy the "Trekking plan" recommended accommodation plan for the mountaineers.

    We are offering.

The name of the hot spring Torafugu character has been decided!

  • Thank you for many applications!

    “Onsen Torafugu Character Naming Campaign”
    As a result of the selection, “Uguisu” at Oshuku Onsen
    Multiplying the hot springs of Tora Fugu "Fugu"
    "Fuguischan" has been decided!
    Please enjoy many wonderful names.
    Thank you for your contribution!

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